Share Your Story: Lindsay’s SPORTSKIND Story

Lindsay’s journey within the SPORTSKIND community is a heartwarming narrative that transcends the field. His initial quest for fitness and soccer has transformed into a tapestry woven with enduring friendships and triumphant victories. From the joy of clinching a championship to the personal growth spurred by staying active, Lindsay’s tale encapsulates the essence of SPORTSKIND. It’s a realm where connections through sports are cherished, and the spirit of camaraderie eclipses mere competition. Join us as we unravel the layers of Lindsay’s adventure and discover what makes SPORTSKIND a league apart. It’s a haven for those seeking a sports community and a true sporting family.


What initially drew you to join SPORTSKIND, and how has your experience evolved over the years?

Lindsay: “I was just looking for a place to keep fit and play soccer. Did not assume I would gain great friends from it as well. Over the past 2 years, I have stuck with the same Wednesday night league.”

Can you share a standout moment or memory from your time in the leagues that holds a special place in your heart?

Lindsay: “Our team won the championship last fall, which was a great experience.”

How has being a part of SPORTSKIND impacted your personal growth, both on and off the field?

Lindsay: “It has definitely kept my skills and shape up. Without it, I wouldn’t be as active off the field either as I try to keep in shape for each season.”

What friends/connections have you made through SPORTSKIND?

Lindsay: “Our team has stayed the same over the past two years. Originally, we were a group of free agents but have stuck together and grown as people have left or brought in friends.”

In your opinion, what sets SPORTSKIND apart from other sports communities/leagues?

Lindsay: “I have played in another league in Austin, and it felt far too competitive, and no one really formed friendships. A lot of arguing, that doesn’t happen in SPORTSKIND league.”

For those considering joining SPORTSKIND, what advice would you offer based on your own experiences?

Lindsay: “Definitely join, you’ll have a great time and meet new people.”