Corporate Sports

The city of Houston has one of the most talented workforces in the country. As an employer it’s critical that you stay proactive in finding ways to keep your company employees active, engaged, connected, and having fun! With our selection of corporate sports leagues, social games, field days, and exciting custom events, your employees are guaranteed to have a great time and foster stronger relationships as co-workers. We will help you engage your company employees and create a positive and winning work culture!


“Huge thank you to your entire team for your support . . . I truly cannot imagine doing this event without y'all . . . I can't even begin to explain what it means to me to have you all out there with us. ”

Emily S.

Events Program Manager, Notley

“I can’t tell you how impressed we are with [SPORTSKIND] and how happy we are to look for providing future events for our teams with your team.”

Tom P.

Management Development, Pappas Restaurants Inc

“We’ve had an awesome season . . . thank you and your team for everything you’ve done this season. In the three years we’ve been a part of this AEC league, this has in my opinion been the best.”

Lilly M.

Rogers-O’Brien Construction

“. . . a huge thank you for everything! Thank you for the brainstorming calls, professionalism, on-site execution and going above and beyond in all areas! It was a pleasure . . .”

Joshua Z.

Programming & Events Manager, Amherst Holdings

“I just want to take a moment to express the gratitude from the entire Notley team for your support at Startup Games and Level Up Games. You took these events to another level . . .”

Emily S.

Events Program Manager, Notley

“I've been playing in various basketball leagues . . . for the past 10 years and this league has the best officiating of any I've played in . . . [SPORTSKIND] does an awesome job . . .”

Nate A.

BI Analyst, Indeed

“ We LOVE working with you guys! Thank you for helping us level up the experience that we provide to our customers! . . . We are HIGHLY recommending . . . you guys!”

Katrina T.

CEO & Executive Director, Catalyst Games


Create Positive Company Culture
Lower Health Care Costs/Employee Health Benefits
Attract Top Talent & Increase Employee Retention At Your Company
Provide A Healthy Work/Life Balance For Your Employees
Promote Teamwork, Between Co-Workers
Improve Employee Morale & Company Productivity

Corporate Perks

  • Unlimited corporate sports team rosters
  • Special corporate sports pricing
  • Dedicated customer service contact
  • Flexible rosters (employees can join at any time)
  • Extra t-shirts
  • Custom t-shirts available
  • Private leagues available

Available Programs

  • Company Teams, Dedicated Leagues & Tournaments
  • Company Field Days
  • Office Olympics
  • Boot Camps & Fitness Classes
  • Social Events (Happy Hours, Field Games)
  • Corporate Recess
  • Company Holiday Parties
  • Custom Company Events

Services Offered

  • Dedicated Corporate Concierge
  • League/Tournament/Event Organization and Management
  • Event Staff: Trained Directors, Officials & Coordinators
  • Online Registration & Communication Tools
  • Venue Procurement & Management
  • Sports Equipment and Games
  • Event Set Up & Breakdown
  • Loud Speakers for Music & Announcements
  • Customer Apparel, Awards and Swag
  • Photography/Videography
  • Catering Options

Corporate Teams & Participants

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