A SPORTSKIND Love Story: Travis and Ali


SPORTSKIND: “Can you tell me how you got involved with SPORTSKIND and how you found this sports haven in Austin?”

Travis: “I’ve always been into sports, ever since I was a child. I played soccer, baseball, golf, and other sports, and I wanted to keep that competitive spirit alive. I discovered SPORTSKIND because of its central location, making it the most convenient choice for our team back in 2011.”

SPORTSKIND:  “Can you take us back to how you first met on the SPORTSKIND field?”

Travis: “It’s a funny story, actually. We met during a Thursday night kickball league at Pan Am. I was officiating, and Ali, along with her sister, played on a free-agent team. What sparked our connection was a St. Louis Cardinals hat I wore – turns out, she’s from St. Louis too. That common ground sparked our convos early on.”

SPORTSKIND: “Are there any standout moments from your time in the leagues that hold a special place in your relationship?”

Travis: “Oh, definitely. Each season brought its own memories, victories, and defeats. Those kickball games became milestones in our journey together.”

SPORTSKIND: “In what ways has playing sports together strengthen your bond as a couple?”

Travis: “The friendships we’ve built together have been the biggest strength. Playing sports side by side allowed us to build a community together. Making friends is easier for one of us, and eventually, they become OUR friends. It’s not just about the game; it’s about creating shared experiences that have become the foundation of our relationship.”

SPORTSKIND: How has SPORTSKIND played a role in your journey together, both on and off the field?

Travis: “Playing together for multiple seasons brought out a level of dedication and commitment from both of us. I am seeing how we handle situations on the field translated to a deeper understanding of each other’s emotions and reactions. It’s like a crash course in each other’s personalities.”

SPORTSKIND: “Do you have any advice for people considering joining a sports league to meet people?”

Travis: Absolutely – go for it! Whether you’re a sports fanatic or not, give it a shot. You might discover a new passion or realize it’s not your thing. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll end the season with many new friends. And who knows, you might find your playing partner for life.”

From chance encounters on the field to creating a lifetime partnership, our interview reveals the magic that unfolds when you push yourself to try something new. 

Nothing like the present! Join a league, and let your story begin. Our SPORTSKIND journey has woven a beautiful tapestry of ordinary moments on the field into extraordinary chapters of our shared adventure.