Player Benefits

Anyone who participates in a SPORTSKIND league or tournament can take advantage of a ton of complimentary player benefits that start on the day of registration. Get access to perks with premium brand partners, enjoy discounts at bar and restaurants, and more!

Brand Partner Benefits

Get player access to special promotions and discounts from premium brands.


All SPORSTKIND league players get 40% off their first order of Gainful Personalized Protein and Hydration!

Gainful offers designed nutrition that empowers you to attain the performance and results you seek every time you step onto the field, diamond, court, and any other place of play.

Unlock your exclusive SPORTSKIND deal today by visiting the Gainful offer page and clicking on “Try Gainful.”

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SPORTSKIND League Benefits

The most premier adult rec league offers the best experience.

SPORTSKIND produces the very best adult rec leagues. Period.

We go above and beyond to make sure that your entire experience, from the jersey you wear to the trophy you win, is nothing but the very best.

Our adult rec sports leagues feature:

  • Premium dri-fit jerseys
  • Highly-trained officials
  • Prime venues
  • Professional equipment
  • Complimentary photos
  • No member fees
  • Passionate support staff
  • Best-in-class organization
  • Competitive gameplay
  • A fun, welcoming culture
  • Winners’ trophies and rewards

Health & Wellness Benefits

Recreational sports can help you improve your mental and physical health.

SPORTSKIND adult rec leagues offer one of the few opportunities to have fun and improve mental and physical health.

They are the perfect alternative or add-on to the standard gym or other fitness classes.

Our rec leagues can help participants:

  • Stay active, stay balanced, and stay connected
  • Meet new people and strengthen existing relationships
  • Get fit and live a more active lifestyle
  • Enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful city
  • Reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce stress and improve cognitive abilities
  • Alleviate depression and other mental health issues

Exclusive Team Captain Swag

Register as a Team Captain and you're eligible to receive limited edition SPORTSKIND swag.

SPORTSKIND Team Captains are #1 in our hearts. They round up their friends, register their teams, and then rally them to play week in and week out in pursuit of a championship trophy.

They're not simply managers who organize a team -- they're communicators and collaborators, and supporters and motivators.

They're leaders.

They believe in SPORTSKIND, and we believe in them.

Each year we produce limited edition branded swag that we provide complimentary to our Team Captains. It's our simple way of thanking them for the extra hustle and hard work.

Speaking of hustle, here's a t-shirt we produced in 2022 exclusively for SPORTSKIND Team Captains.

*Team Captain Limited Edition branded swag is available while supplies last. Registration as a Team Captain is not a guarantee that an individual will receive complimentary swag.


*While quantities last. Registration as a Team Captain does not guarantee an Artist Series T-shirt.