Playing team sports as a kid is a rite of passage engrained in the American culture.  We’re an athletic and sports- obsessed country, and most parents understand the wide ranging health and fitness benefits associated with encouraging their children to play team sports.  At some point in their teens, the best players tend to move up and onward to elite teams, the hometown teams get broken up and the emphasis on winning rather than participating for enjoyment takes center stage.  For some this is when they take their game to the next level.  For many this is the point that they choose to walk away and hang up their cleats or high tops.

Similarly, as adults, the participation in team sports continues to drop off.  Other things now fill our schedules: work, travel, relationships.  Playing sports gets pushed down the priority list.

However, according to medical studies, that’s a great shame because there are numerous health and social benefits to participating in team sports as adults. There is considerable evidence to show that recreational sports activity can improve your time management skills, boost confidence, increase discipline, balance emotions, and even alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

One of the changes from youth sports is that as adults, winning is now put into perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, most people still play to win.  It’s something we all strive to collectively achieve, but we recognize that the experience goes beyond the field.  A disappointing game or blow-out loss helps build the resilience and self-awareness needed to deal with other social and professional challenges.  In addition to being a major stress reliever, team sports serve as a platform for developing relationships with teammates and colleagues.  There is a sense of connection and belonging associated with being on a team and those connections create community.

Aside from the mental and emotional benefits of team sports, there are also clear fitness benefits to be had playing team sports.  Whatever the sport, being part of a team means you are committed to regular exercise and have the motivation to perform for you and the team at your peak level.  There is external motivation and support that comes from the collective participation.

As we emerge from the challenges of 2020, there is no better time to reconnect with sports, with people and with your city!  Find the crew you want to hang out with, team up and pick your sport.  Or if you are an individual and ready to get back in the game and want to meet people, this is the prime option to accomplish it all.

There are other outfits that focus primarily on the social components of team sports, particularly the post-game activities.  There are typically drinking games and beer sponsors that seem to be the main draw.  There are also some other leagues designed for the highest level adult athletes, those who want to intensely compete as they did in college or minor leagues.

SPORTSKIND has different values and different ambitions.  We value the game and cherish the authenticity, we crave friendly competition and appreciate performance, and we cherish the unique camaraderie and friendships that team sports innately develop.  The strength of a community that achieves together, that strives together and that ultimately inspires each other and laughs together.  In our community, together we win!

We also believe that in order to deliver the best player and team experience, it is important to go the extra mile.  For us that means seeking out the top venues and securing experienced officials and umpires.  It means providing athletic dri fit shirts and high level sports equipment.  And it is vital to have clear communications, strong organization and an eye towards innovation.  Welcome to SPORTSKIND!